about the movie

The Hacks is a semi-autobiographical film about one defining night for the members of ‘The Hacks,’ five 40-something best friends who get together to make music and work through the big issues of their lives, many of which have come to a head today. 


Through a long night’s journey into day, talking, drinking, and making music together, they explore their regrets, fears and dreams for the future, their relationships with each other and ultimately the meaning of life in the face of their ever more obvious mortality.


An honest and authentic look “behind the curtain” at how passionate, intelligent men behave together and the importance of intimate relationships.

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Darin Cooper Michael Cram Jay Huguley Jack Noseworthy Gabriel Olds
Casting by Lindsay Chag Music by John Zuker Edited by Brady Caverly Director of Photography Jim Simeone
Executive Producers Brady Caverly Mary Elizabeth Caverly Produced by Paul Duff Graham Stumpf
Written and Directed by Brady Caverly