Brady Caverly – Writer/Director

Upon graduating college, Brady Caverly promised himself he’d make a feature film by the time he was thirty. Now, just shy of a quarter century late, he’s made that dream a reality.

Caverly has been a writer, producer and director for more than 30 years, starting with a local production company while a film student at Penn State. At 26, he started his first production company creating regional TV spots and corporate/industrial/marketing videos for clients such as Re/Max Realty, Baskin-Robbins and the City of Los Angeles.

In 1997, he stumbled into the long-form Direct Response TV (DRTV) industry as it was entering its heyday. And for the next several years he wrote, produced and directed some of the most successful infomercials in the country.

In 2000, Caverly co-founded C Squared TV (later Alchemy Worldwide), a vertically-integrated company which handled all aspects of the infomercial businesses, from product development, branding, and production of the TV content, through manufacturing, media buying, shipping and customer service. The company developed and marketed a string of hugely successful DRTV products and shows, including The Magic Bullet personal blender, which remains one of the most successful and longest running DRTV programs in the history of the industry. Caverly has been instrumental in the creation of television campaigns that have grossed nearly $2 billion in direct-to-consumer sales.

Caverly served as an angel investor with the Pasadena Angels helping fund and mentor startup companies and in 2012, he created the Flintridge Proper Restaurant and Bar which was named one of the best bars in the country by

Caverly now follows the advice of the characters in The Hacks and devotes his days to his real passion of creating film and television.

In 2016, he wrote, directed and produced the award-winning short film Happy Hour. And 24 years after his initial deadline, he finished The Hacks, a feature film he wrote and directed (and provided many of the songs for).  Caverly has also written award-winning pilots for two one-hour series which he is currently shopping and has several more TV and film projects right behind them.

Caverly lives in Pasadena, California, with his wife, a talented painter, and is the proud parent of two amazing grown children. He is also an amateur singer-songwriter who regularly gets together with his friends to drink, make music and find the most expeditious road to happiness in these brief, wonderful lives we’ve been given.


Paul Duff – Producer

Over the past 10 years, Paul Duff has headed the Production departments at some of the most successful Direct Response television companies, including Beachbody and Provida Life Sciences, where he acted as Vice President of Production, Producer and/or UPM for many of their successful long-form (30 min) television programs. Before this, Duff worked in the Programming department of the Public Broadcasting System, where he assisted in selecting programs for broadcast. Duff also has years of extensive hands-on experience in the production world, having stage managed, directed, and produced in arenas as varied as opera, live events, and theatre.

Duff and Caverly have worked together for nearly two decades and share a passion for clever, character-based science fiction and fantasy programing. Together they co-developed the Happy Hour television series and Duff produced the short film “Happy Hour” which was its inspiration. He is a principal in Practical Magic Entertainment and is currently writing TV scripts with Caverly.

He resides in Los Angeles with his husband of 20 years who is a director and screenwriter.  He also plays keyboards in the real-life Hacks.


Graham Stumpf – Producer

Graham Stumpf is a veteran Post Production Supervisor and Post Production Executive having served as such on over 40 feature films including The Great Wall, the Fifty Shades trilogy, 8 Mile and Dead Man Walking. Graham began his career working on low budget films as an Apprentice Editor and then Assistant Editor. Having a feature editorial background helped Graham immensely as he took on head of post production roles at I.R.S. Media, Interscope Communications and Destination Films. Through the years Graham has jumped back and forth from executive post staff and freelance post production supervisor positions managing post on such films as What Dreams May Come, The Motorcycle Diaries and Nacho Libre.

Graham met writer-director Brady Caverly and composer John Zuker some years ago at the pre-school and elementary school their kids all attended. When Graham first read the script for The Hacks he was immediately drawn to the characters as they all had similarities to his own life and their dialogue rang true. This intrigue motivated Graham to offer his expertise in post to Brady and Producer Paul Duff and signed on as a Producer while still keeping his day job.

Graham resides in Los Angeles and just wrapped his duties as Post Production Supervisor on Velvet Buzzsaw for Netflix.

The Hacks represents Graham’s first film as a Producer and he looks forward to working more with the Practical Magic Entertainment team.

See Graham’s Full Credit List on IMDB


Jim Simeone – Director of Photography

Jim Simeone has worked as a Director of Photography for more than 30 years.   Over his long and varied career, he’s shot over 1000 broadcast commercials as well as retail point of purchase, promotional and web content, training videos, live sports, tabletop, liquid, food and product shots.

Simeone also has a deep background in Direct Response. He’s shot over 80 long and short form DR commercials- most notably in beauty, fitness and housewares for clients such as: Murad, Proactiv, Freeze 24/7, Body by Jake, Beach Body, Power 90, Zumba and The Magic Bullet.

He has helmed spots for political candidates and state referendum initiatives since the beginning of his career.  Over the years, his projects have grown to include presidential campaigns and gubernatorial, senate and representative races in at least 30 of the 50 states.

This diverse background has made him a uniquely versatile DP.  Friends and colleagues call him “MacGyver” –a professional who can make any shot happen and squeeze blood from a stone.

He has hung out of copters, climbed cliffs and run marathons “backwards and with a camera.”   He’s charged into burning buildings, and put himself in dangerous hazmat and rescue scenarios –always for that perfect shot. Comfortable in the wild or in the boardroom, he has shot everything from martial arts footage for the US Marine Corps to hundreds of beautifully lit green screen interviews—and everything in between.

Simeone works as a Los Angeles and Boston local sharing his crazy life with Caren, his wife of 26 years.  The Hacks is his 4th full-length feature film.

He also plays drums in the real-life Hacks.


John Zuker – Composer & Musical Director

Emmy Nominated Composer, John Zuker enjoyed his first professional music engagement when he was 15 years old, playing jazz guitar at an after-hours bar in Chicago. His aspirations as a guitarist led him to Los Angeles where he further pursued a performing career while attending the University of Southern California’s School of Music. For the next several years, John played in the recording studios and night clubs of LA, while at the same time honing his skills in music composition and orchestration. As the technology in music and sound design rapidly advanced in the eighties and nineties, it opened up exciting new areas where John could further develop his talent and ideas.

With a partner, John co-founded Earshot Music Productions, where he was afforded the opportunity to create and produce music for a series of television commercials for a small, boutique advertising agency. This led to bigger agencies and bigger clients. Mazda, Nissan, Toshiba, Cal Fed, Mattel and Carl’s Jr. were among the clientele Earshot enjoyed working for. Later, after branching off on his own, John continued to work in the specialized field of music and sound design for advertising. During this period, he produced music and sound for companies like Hershey, Sega Corp. and Isuzu.

John then reunited with an old schoolmate from USC who was on a similar musical path. They decided to form their own commercial music production company with one of Hollywood’s top vocal arranger/producers, and so MBZ Music was born. In addition to creating music and sound design for commercials, John and his colleagues at MBZ also composed for longer form projects, including episodic television. They produced music for a great deal of animated programming, including The Addams Family, SwatKats, Life with Louie, Dumb and Dumber and The Powerpuff Girls.

Following his association at MBZ, John formed his own company, johnzuker Music, where he presently composes music and sound design for advertising (7-Up, Macy’s, Georgio, Nokia, Hershey, SavOn, Banana Republic), television animation (Robot Chicken, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Ozzie and Drix, Bugtime Adventures, Life With Louie, Addams Family, Swat Kats), live action and reality television (Million Dollar ListingExtreme Makeover:Home Edition, Felicity, Bonechillers) and feature films (The Hacks, Blood Makes Noise, Mind Games). In addition to his scoring credits, John’s music has also been heard on RuPaul’s Drag RaceReal Housewives (Miami), Friends, Access HollywoodER, Good Morning America and many other shows.

He also plays lead guitar in the real-life Hacks.

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